2019-12-11 16:18


Hezhiyoude direct selling suspected pyramid selling products boast prevention and control effect


[Beijing Direct News Network December 11th](China Economic Channel financial media platform of consumption daily)Recently, an insider reported to reporters that Tianjin hezhiyoude Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as hezhiyoude company) is suspected of carrying out pyramid selling activities and false product publicity. In order to explore, on October 20, the reporter came to room b422, floor 4, Kaiyuan square, No. 1 Baotu Spring North Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, under the guidance of Xing zhiyoude company, to participate in the "business description meeting of hezhiyoude zhixinxing system" and make a secret visit.

About 70 people were present at the meeting that day. According to the introduction of Xing Jianjian of hezhiyoude company, the key personnel of the meeting were star directors, Zhixin Xingjian Management Committee, leaders of Xinghong team, Zhang Peng, Mercedes Benz car winner of hezhiyoude company, Xing Jianjian, diamond dealer, Zhu Jialiang and others.

System mode suspected MLM

According to the system model explained by Xing Jianjian of hezhiyoude company: to become a member of the company, the application form is divided into four levels: 2800 yuan for silver card member, 2100pv, 8400 yuan for gold card member, 6300pv, 22000 yuan for platinum card member, 16800pv, or 29900 yuan for purchasing a set of equipment, 20000pv. You can enjoy buying one free product for life. The first is the direct recommendation Award: 8% for silver card members, 12% for gold card members and 18% for platinum card members; the second is the Management Award: 10% for silver card members, with a weekly ceiling of 10000 yuan. The gold card royalty is 11%, with a weekly ceiling of 30000 yuan. The Commission of platinum card is 12%, and the weekly ceiling is 100000 yuan. Double track system, sharing and replication, and direct recommendation awards are mainly divided into regional and community markets: 18% of the first generation's performance, 4% of the second generation's performance, 2% of the third generation's performance, 1% of the fourth generation's performance, 5 and 6 generations and so on to 11 generations. For example: directly recommend one RMB 29900 yuan, you can get a commission of 3600 yuan, directly recommend two RMB 29900 yuan, you can get a commission of 9600 yuan, directly recommend the first generation, the second generation 800 yuan, the third generation 400 yuan, the fourth generation 200 yuan, and so on, until the eleventh generation. The third is the re consumption Award: direct recommendation + retail has reached 100000 PV in 12 months, one person can get free overseas quality tour, and two people can get 200000 PV. The fourth is the welfare award: reward Mercedes Benz. When the income reaches 200000 yuan, Hezhi Youde company will directly call you 100000 yuan in cash. If you want to buy Mercedes Benz, Zhixin bank system will also reward you 50000 yuan in cash. According to Xing Jianjian, 600 people visited Russia on May 22, 2016, 460 people visited Bali on November 20, 2016, and more than 30 Mercedes Benz car winners were born in zhixinxing system in October 2016, and more than 100 Mercedes Benz car winners will be born in 2018. The fifth is the level: small market performance of 250000 yuan is green treasure, performance of 500000 yuan is blue treasure, performance of 1 million yuan is diamond, performance of two diamonds is promoted to one star director, three direct recommendation lines to three stars are promoted to three stars director, with annual income of 3 million yuan; three direct recommendation lines to five stars are promoted to five stars director, with annual income of 5 million yuan; two markets and four direct recommendation lines to achieve Seven stars become Seven Star directors, with an annual income of 10 million yuan; one seven star director becomes Phoenix ambassador, with an annual income of 20 million yuan.

Article 2 of the regulations on the prohibition of pyramid selling stipulates that the term "pyramid selling" as mentioned in these Regulations refers to the development personnel of the organizers or operators who seek illegal interests and disrupt the economy by calculating and paying remuneration to the developed personnel on the basis of the number of personnel they have developed directly or indirectly or the sales performance, or by requiring the developed personnel to obtain the qualification to join on the condition of paying a certain fee Order and behaviors affecting social stability.

To sum up, it can be seen that the system mode of zhixinxing of hezhiyoude company is consistent with the definition of MLM. Body platform